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Tempurung Cave & Kellie's Castle

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7am depart to Gopeng town where we will have our breakfast, by 10.00am visit Kellie's Castle and by 11am we start caving until 3 or 4pm, Change clothing & clean up at Tempurung Cave and head for Lata Kinjang or Batu Berangkai Waterfall for a cool dip. By 6pm we should start heading back to Kuala Lumpur.

General Information

Tempurung Cave - One of the most majestic White Marble & Limestone formations in Malaysia is�the Tempurung Mountain. Concealed within this limestone massif in an intricate�system of caves of magnificent proportions forming a honeycomb inside the�limestone hill. These caves are actually a breath-taking gallery of Stalagmites, Stalactites, Rim Stone Pools, Curtains, Straws, Flowstones, Crystals, Pillars &�other amazing rock formations, which are a sample of superb speleological wonders found only in this part of the world. Tempurung Cave is the main attraction here. The cave meanders under the limestone hill forming a tunnel of wondrous and endless rock formations that run from East to West with a stream running through�it nearly 1.9 KM in length. In early 1950 to 1960 this cave was used by the Communist as a hide out as there are drawings and writings (in mandarin) found on the wall at the Rolls Royce Chamber and also you will see some tools left by Communist & miners (mining for Tin) in early 1970's at the Gergasi Chamber and a beautiful hanging rock garden at Alam Chamber.

Tempurung cave is suitable for beginners (for educational caving) as well as for the adventurous one, as you walk in to this cave you will see almost all cave formations and it is one of the most beautiful caves in Malaysia besides Mulu Caves & Pasir Dagang Cave.

Lata Kinjang Waterfall - A visit to Tempurung & Kandu is incomplete without a visit to Lata Kinjang,�ie Kinjang Water-falls. The falls are awesome with its meters high cascade that�can even be seen from the North-South Highway. The falls flow becomes a river�that provides families and sun seekers the opportunity to bathe in its cool waters.�There are some facilities in this area, such as Toilets, Shower, Food Stalls,�Souvenir Shop & etc.

Batu Berangkai Waterfall - This Waterfall is located in the heart of Kampar Town. The difference between�these two water-falls is that, there are no facilities at this waterfall (Batu Berangkai) & the falls�are not as high as the Kinjang Waterfalls, the scenery is beautiful for photographers. The crowd in this waterfall is not as�bad as in the Kinjang Waterfalls but do expect some picnickers or sun seekers on weekends and public holidays. The water is cool and just right for a dip.

Kellie's Castle - This amazing leftover from colonial times is set by a small river about�30 KM South West of Ipoh. The castle referred to is in fact an old unfinished� mansion. It was to be one in the mould of great colonial houses, complete�with Moorish-style windows & even a lift. A wealthy British Plantation Owner,� William Kellie Smith, who lived in a splendid mansion in this area in the early�19th century, commissioned the building of the "Castle", which was to be the�home of his (as yet unborn) son. The house was never occupied, as he died�before the castle could be completed.

Activities Information

Cost in USD

100.00 per pax

50.00 per pax

35.00 per pax

27.00 per pax

Participants 1 pax �2 to 3 pax �4 to 6 pax

above 7 pax

Including All Transfers, All Fees, Helmet with Headlamp, Daypack with 1 litter of bottle Water, Food (1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch (pack) 1 Dinner - local food) & Guides
Excluding Soft Drinks, Alcohol & Personal Expenditure.
Activities (Grade 1) Caving, Sight Seeing, Waterfall, Visit Historical Site & Etc.
Participants Min. 2 persons
Confirmation & Booking (Booking Form) Participant/s must confirm at least 3 days before departure date.
Time Frame 12 hours (+-)
Departure Daily - Price quoted are based on ex. Kuala Lumpur
Deposit 50%

What to Bring - Change of Clothing, Towel, Toiletries, Sneakers, Sandals and Shoes.

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