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Tour Code - Firefly I


Day Trip - Pick up at your hotel from 1.30pm to 1.45pm, by 2pm we depart to Kuala Selangor and the trip will take around 1 1/2 hours. On arrival we visit the lighthouse (Altingsburg Lighthouse & Silver Leaf Monkeys can be seen around the lighthouse) at Bukit Melawati until 4pm and transfer to Kuala Selangor Nature Park for Bird Watching & Trekking (mild). At 6.30 dinner will be served at the local restaurant. Around 7.30pm we transfer to Selangor River to watch fireflies by boat. The firefly watch will take around 30 minutes. By 10pm you will be transfered back to your hotel.

General Information

Silver Leaf Monkeys (Langur) Presbttes Cristata - The Silver Leaf Monkey or Langur live in troops of 20 to 30 animals and are mostly arboreal. The adults have metallic blackish gray hair with a silvery tip. The young ones are orange in colour. Their diet is mainly leaves and like all herbivorous animals, their stomach is much bigger. This is to assist in the breakdown of the leafs starch and protein. The Silver Leaf Monkey does not have a mouth pouch, but has a distinctive tuft of hair on it's head. These monkeys are associated with the coastal and riverine forests

Altingsburg Lighthouse - N/A

Fireflies - These Fireflies are a form of insect from the bug family. The species found here in Selangor River is the "Pteroptyx Tener". What makes these fireflies so unique and marvelous are their ability to produce twinkling bright lights at a rate of� one twinkle every 3 seconds. When thousands of these fireflies gather on the trees, their shining and glittering mass appears like shimmering stars in truely ethereal surroundings.

These unique insects measure around 6mm in length. The lights which the male fireflies produce seem much brighter than those of the female of the species. This is to enable the male fireflies to attract their mates. Sadly, these unique and beautiful insects have a short life span ranging from 2 to 3 months only.

Berembang Tree - The "Sonneratia Caseolaris" or more commonly known to the local as the Berembang Tree, is a type of Oak tree that grows abundantly on the riverbanks of the Selangor River. These trees thrive in a humid climate and swampy surroundings. The fireflies survive by sucking out Nectar from these trees. These trees also balance the ecological system of the river.

Activities Information

Cost in RM

180.00 per pax

150.00 per pax

120.00 per pax

Participants �2 to 3 pax �4 to 6 pax

above 7 pax

Including All Transfers, All Fees, Raincoat, Binoculars, Daypack with 1 litter of bottle Water, Food (dinner - local food) & Guides
Excluding Soft Drinks, Alcohol & Personal Expenditure.
Activities (Grade 1) Mild Trekking, Boat Ride, Bird & Firefly Watching, Sight Seeing, Visit Historical Site & Etc.
Participants Min. 2 persons
Confirmation & Booking (Booking Form) Participant/s must confirm at least 3 days before departure date.
Time Frame 8 hours (+-)
Departure Daily - Price quoted are based on ex. Kuala Lumpur
Deposit 50%

What to Bring - Small Towel, Hat & Sun Glasses, Sneakers, Sandals or Shoes.

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