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Belum Forest

4 Days5 Days

Tour Code - Belum4D


Day 1 - Depart around 8pm to Banding Island, stay Grik in hotel or rest house

Day 2
8.00am - Breakfast
8.30am -�Depart to Kuala Kenyir
10.30am - ETA at Kuala Kenyir
12.30pm�- Lunch, Set up tent, free activities & etc.
07.00pm�- Dinner, Camp Activities, Night Walk & Etc.

Day 3
7.30am�- Breakfast, pack up
8.30am�- Trek to Kenyir Waterfall
10.00am - ETA at Kenyir Waterfall, Set up Tent.
1.00pm�- Lunch, River Trekking to search for Refflesia (world's largest Flower) & free activities.
7.00pm�- Dinner, camp activities & etc.

Day 4
7.30am�- Breakfast
8.30am�- River Trekking & Rock Climbing
1.00pm�- Pack Lunch, River Trekking to search for Medicinal herbs & free activities.
7.00pm - Dinner, camp activities & etc.

Day 5
7.30am�- Breakfast, Pack up camp
8.30am�- Trek back to Kuala Kenyir
10.30am�- ETA at Kuala Kenyir, light snak
11.30am -� Depart by boat to Banding Island, Drop by at Sira Kabat (Salt Lick)
2.00pm - ETA Banding
2.30pm�- Banding > Kuala Lumpur, with stopover for dinner at Ipoh or Kampar. Estimated time of arrival in Kaula Lumpur, 8 to 10pm

General Information

Belum Forest - Belum Forest is situated in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia, in the state of Perak and it's around 365km from Kuala Lumpur. A virgin jungle with an area of more than 200.00 hectares, which ends up to the boarder of Thailand.

Belum is a haven for so many endangered species and protected flora and fauna such as the Biggest Flower in the World and much more. The area is safe for the public even though there are many wildlife like Seladang (Wild ox), Elephants, Tigers, Malayan bears, Samba and Barking deer, Mouse-deer, hornbill and much more....

The Orang Asli (the indigenous people) in this area are from two tribes, the Temiar and the Jahai. Temiar people are very shy, gentle and friendly. Both tribes live at the edge of the forest by the Temenggor lake, cultivating tapioca and collecting fruits from the forest and hunting small animal such us deer, wild boar and fish from near by lakes & rivers.

One who treks/Hikes in Belum will be rewarded with an unforgettable memory of Malaysia's Rainforest and climbing hills, river crossings, spotting animals (if lucky) & camping beside the river bank are the highlights of our activities in the Belum Forest. At the same time one can learn about the different types of trees/plant life, such as plants with herbal or medical value, the ecological and the eco-system of the rainforest.

Learn about the native people of the Belum Rainforest and also Jungle Survival tips by our guides.

Activities Information

Cost in RM

900.00 per pax

750.00 per pax

650.00 per pax

Participants �2 to 3 pax �4 to 6 pax

above 7 pax

Including Accommodation (Tents, with 2 to 3 pax in a tent), All Camping Equipment Provided, Mosquito Coil, All Transfers (Van & Boat), All Fees, Guides, Porter for Carrying the groups rations & All Meals in Belum only.
Excluding Soft Drinks, Alcohol & Personal Expenditure.
Activities (Grade 2) Trekking, Camping, Sight Seeing, Waterfall, Wildlife (if lucky) & Etc.
Participants Min. 2 persons
Booking Once we receive your Booking Form, we will let you know whether there is a seat available or not in 2 working days.
Confirmation� Participant/s must confirm at least 30 days before departure date.
Time Frame 5 Days
Departure Weekly - Prices quoted are based on ex. Kuala Lumpur
Deposit 50%

What to Bring - Torchlight with spare batteries & bulbs, Shorts - 2 pieces (fast drying type), T-shirt - 3 pieces (one for trekking, one for sleeping, one for going back and make sure all t-shirts are fast dry types), Long Sleeves t-shirt - 1 piece, Towel - 1 piece (small size), Long pants - 1 piece, Sarong 1 piece (for changing), Hat or Cap (for blocking Sun light & etc), Rubber bands - 10 pieces, Plastic or Garbage Bags - 5 pieces, minimum (for dirty clothes), Swim wear (for taking baths in waterfalls or rivers - optional), Toiletries, Insect Repellent, Shoes for trekking, Sandals or Slippers, Personal Medical Kit, Water (minimum 1 litre) & Etc.

Optional Items to Carry with you - Camera, Pocket Radio, Mobile Phone, Pocket Knife (eg. Swiss Army Knife or Multi Pliers - Leatherman, Gerber or etc.), Compass, Small Pack of Cigarettes, 1 piece of Lighter & match box, Survival Kit, Candles - 2 pieces, Salt - small quantity and must be kept in a waterproof & airtight plastic bottle, Some energy food - eg. Sweets, Dry Food, Chocolate Bars & ..., Sewing Kit, Personal Documents must be probably kept in a zipper bag or waterproof bag & Etc...

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